Fourth Monkey?

Three monkeys are widely known in the public domain.


Yet, there is a fourth one.

The one that does no evil.

The one that does the right thing.

The one that is the wisest of them all as he does not repeat the mistakes

the other three are doing.

The one that does the right thing right.


To name a company after the fourth monkey provokes some questions, and commands

some answers.


Why the Fourth Monkey, and what is he doing in the field of consumer insights

and market research?


Well, finding answers, conventionally unconventional.

Monkey's Business

The fascination lies in the execution.


Drawing on a mix of traditional, innovative and genuine new techniques, we like to investigate qualitatively what drives consumers' behaviour and motivation.

Hunting for the big WHY! and embracing the WHAT! is at the heart of our business.


At Fourth Monkey, we know that answering those big questions requires some intelligence, analytical rigour, creativity, desire, as well as strategic thinking - hence our primary focus resides on a few expertise areas:

Consumer Insights

Market Research

Idea Generation

Brand Consultancy